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Ever since he first ran for office, Rick Scott has pushed extremist policies — including a national abortion ban that criminalizes health care providers.

Time and time again, Scott has backed dangerous legislation that strips Floridians of their freedoms and forces the government into our private decisions.

Floridians across the state are tired of extremist politicians like Rick Scott attacking their fundamental rights to privacy and control over their bodies. This November, millions of Floridians are ready to stand up for freedom and vote Rick Scott out.

Rick Scott co-sponsored a national abortion ban in the Senate and supported Florida’s dangerous 6 week ban with hardly any exceptions.

  • Rick Scott cosponsored a national abortion ban with criminal penalties for doctors of up to five weeks in prison. [CQ, 1/27/21; S.61, introduced 1/27/21, cosponsored 1/27/21]
  • Rick Scott on Florida’s bill to ban abortion before most women know they’re pregnant: “If I was still governor, I would sign this bill” [The Hill, 4/13/23]
  • Rick Scott minimized the issue of abortion as “a tough issue for women” [The Hill, 01/05/24]

Rick Scott is an extremist whose record jeopardizes women’s access to IVF.

“I firmly believe that life begins at conception”

“I am proud to be unapologetically pro-life. We should all be able to agree that life begins at conception”

“Abortion kills human children. To deny that is to deny science.”

Rick Scott stands with extreme Republicans who cosponsored the Life at Conception Act.

The radical legislator who introduced a total abortion ban in Florida proudly endorsed Rick Scott.

Rick Scott celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a decision that put IVF access for Americans in jeopardy.

In addition to his dangerous record in the Senate, former Governor Rick Scott is the reason Florida women face increased barriers to accessing essential and potentially lifesaving health care.

As governor, Scott signed legislation that implemented a 24 hour waiting period for women to obtain an abortion. [Miami Herald, 6/10/15]

Rick Scott also signed legislation that cut funding for reproductive health clinics. Meanwhile, the bill’s supporters recommended women obtain reproductive care at dental practices, elementary and middle schools, and an optometrist’s office. [Slate, 3/21/16]

Scott signed a bill that required an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion. Prior to becoming governor, he supported legislation that required women to pay for such ultrasounds. [CBS News, 6/25/11]

Scott backed similar legislation requiring ultrasounds in the Senate. [Washington Examiner, 3/9/22]

In 2014, Rick Scott signed a bill that required doctors to conduct an examination to determine if a fetus was “viable” to survive outside the womb prior to an abortion. The procedure barred doctors from conducting an abortion if the fetus was found to be viable and carried criminal penalties for doctors who did so. [News-Press, 4/25/14]

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